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Thank you all for the massive response to this experiment. I couldn't have guessed that a guestbook 2.0 would get this much attention. 1301 responses, that's really quite a lot. Thanks!
Just found the site - - which seems to be the same type of concept as this. p.s. Can't wait to see what's new here tomorrow!
Ik zeg u geen vaarwel mijn vriend...
What is yout favorite color ?
Mh, i like the colors - very fresh and clean ! Something new ? Im curious... ;)
I like it, free spamming !! great !!!
Fab has a website rulz !!!!!!!!!!!!!
simply looking for link back! So what? Do you gonna kick me out, or no url follow? Whatever man, whatever.
Licht je al een tipje op van de nieuwe-projecten sluier?
nesto bas kontam koliko je veliko jedno malo jaje, pobudalicu doktore pusi ga brnjo !"
hey..put that coat ain't over till' the large lady sings...
I'll get me coat...
Niggle has a website
Jayemmcee is the best travel website that I have seen in a long time. If you want to go to Malaysia or somewhere else in South Easy Asia then this is a very good guide with some nice pictures too. Big up Johnny McGeorge
looking good.. can't wait to see what's next..
Ylja has a website
its too good..
I Like!
Let's say it!
jimminy crickets. I like the guestbook.
Too much content for just one page. Let's continue right here.